Premium Quality


As part of our mission, we source only high-quality natural materials that are comfortable to wear. In fact, most of the materials we use in our collection are and will always be made from 100% natural fibers


Our in-house team of master designers and makers have decades of experience crafting quality goods for a number of globally-known brands. They also possess a wealth of knowledge in fabrication and garment construction. Through our brand, Airrys, we're delivering this level of expertise, our covetable items, and our cost savings right to your door.Because of our quality standards, we selected only highly-skilled hands to make our items. Each crafter from our designers to pattern-makers, has at least 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. Our team of fashion industry specialists and designers work closely with our makers to ensure that their ideas come to life. Every detail is checked to ensure each piece is crafted exquisitely, with intentional care and love.